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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

N is for . . .

. . . Noodles!
We covered letter N's with different kinds of noodles. We used some of the noodles we dyed for our noodle rainbow we made here.

. . . Nose!
We practiced using our sense of smell by closing our eyes and guessing what we were smelling with our super sniffer nose glasses. 

. . . Numbers!
The kids did matching number cards. They had to match the written word, the number, and the correct amount of dots. This time I did each number in a different color. When we are ready to take it up a notch, I'm going to do them all in black.

. . . Nine!
We are making a number book with the numbers 1 - 10. I decided to start with number nine because it was letter n week. Each page in our book will follow the same basic outline: trace the word and number on the bottom. Color and cut out the number. Glue on the right amount of whatever onto the number. For 1 we'll do a mouth, 2 - eyes, 3 - tricycle, etc.

1 comment:

  1. I wondered what you had done that day! Gracie had chapped hands - and was convinced it was from SMELLING Peanut butter. I told her that it was VERY doubtful to get hives from smelling peanut butter - and that as long as she didn't eat it, she would be fine. She was so dramatic about it.
    She also told me about the many things she got to smell. How fun is that?! :o) I LOVE that you have so many fun activities!