Friday, December 15, 2017

Letter H Obstacle Course

During letter H week we had a blast doing a letter H themed obstacle course. They did a hopscotch, hulahoop, hopped across some bases, ran around the tree, and hit the ball.
. . . hopsotch
. . . hulahoop
. . . hopping
. . . hit

Thursday, December 14, 2017

G is for Graph

We learned about how to make graphs during letter G week. I provided a paper with all the kid's names listed at the top and a bar graph below that. We counted the number of letters in each name and made a bar graph based on how many letters were in the name. 

Here are a few things I did to make this lesson go more smoothly:

1. When putting the names at the top of the page, I made each name a different color. Since most of my kids can't read, I could ask them to look for the blue name or red name, etc. and then we would count the letters together. 
2. I made a large graph that I displayed and filled in as the kids were filling in theirs so they could check if they were doing it right.
3. At the beginning we did the first 3 names together. The kids who were able to work more independently moved on and the kids who still needed help continued to do it with me. 


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

F is for . . .

. . . float. We found letters and created words using floating bottle caps. 
The kids would pick a letter or word from the laminated word stips. Then they would fish out the bottle caps with the correct letters on them. 
This is an engaging and easy activity to do any time. You just need plastic bottle caps (like from juice containers, milk gallons, or gatorade bottles), water, and a slotted spoon. I just used a sharpie to write the letters on the inside of the cap. Sometimes they start to fade and I just rewrite them when that happens. 
. . . fly. The kids practiced identifying letters with our fly swat game. I would call out a letter and they would swat it with the fly swatter. Want to play your own fly swat game? Download our alphabet of flies here.

. . . fall. We read the book, Let It Fall. After we used tissue paper to make our own fall trees. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

D is for

. . . dump! The kids filled a bucket choosing only items that started with the letter d and when it was full, they got to dump it out. For a more detailed post on how to create your own dumping activity, see the post here.
. . . dotted diamonds! We used bingo markers to make dots on a diamond. I have seen the bingo markers in the pen or kids craft section of the dollar store. 
We read the book Lots of Dots by Craig Fraizer. It shows how dots can be used to make fun pictures.
Image result for lots of dots
. . . dinosaur feet! We used cracker boxes to create dinosaur feet. I spray painted each one green. The kids painted them and added claws using double sided tape that I put on th edge of each box. 
Then we had a lot of fun stomping around the classroom and being dinosaurs. (This is a picture I took of Brandon later in the day for our family blog. The pictures I took during class were too blurry to use.)
We even sang "We are the Dinosaurs" by the Laurie Berkner band.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Fire Station Visit

We had so much fun on our annual fire station open house fieldtrip. I was so excited that so many parents were able to join us and I hope the kids had fun, were inspired, and learned a little too. 

We tried on fireman apparrel.

We watched how they put out fires in two ways. The lit this huge tower of fire. We could feel how warm it was even though we were so far away. 

First the firemen put it out with a hand held hose. 

Next they used a mounted ladder hose on a fire truck.

We checked out an ambulance. (Don't mind our photo bomer in the front left. Haha)

The kids also learned what to do in a fire by crawling through a "smoke" filled trailer. (It was really just a fog machine.)

We watched a demonstation of how they help in car crashes. They took apart a car! It was pretty cool.

And one of the kids' favorite parts was getting high fives from the firemen.

I sure do love these kids and love my job! 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

C is for . . .

. . . caterpillar chains. We made paper chains into caterpillars. We used this as a math focused activity and worked on making patterns with the colors on the chains. For more detailed instructions click here.
. . . cookies! We sang C is for Cookie with the cookie monster (on youtube). We read the awesome book, "The Doorbell Rang" by Pat Hutchins about some kids who have to share some cookies with their friends in a fair way. Then we learned how to "share" cookies. Each child got 12 cookie cereal pieces (think cookie crisp) and 6 paper people. They practiced sharing cookies with different numbers of people. 
After they shared their cookies equally, they would write on a worksheet how many cookies each person got. 
This is one of my favorite lessons, it is a fun way to introduce division to young children using the idea of sharing fairly. It really makes them stretch and grow.
 To get the full instructions and a free printable, click here.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving Puppet and Songs

If you're looking for some fun Thanksgiving songs to sing with your littles, look no further! 
A couple of years ago I made these turkey finger puppets to use during singing time. The kids are able to use their fingers as the legs for the turkeys and make the little turkeys run.
Here we are at the carpet getting ready to sing some fun Thanksgiving related songs using our turkey finger puppets. Oh my goodness, look at these cuties! Some of their faces are cracking me up. We're still working on looking at the camera. Hahaha.
A friend of mine gave me the puppets to copy. To make your own you could use these finger puppets from  (The finger holes should be about 3/4 of an inch wide. Adjust as necessary.) You could also use turkey popsicle stick puppets or turkey finger puppets. 
Here are a few songs that are easy to sing to celebrate this fun day.
Gobble-gobble Says the Bird
(To the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It")
Gobble-gobble, gobble-gobble says the bird.
Gobble-gobble, gobble-gobble says the bird.
Mr. Turkey gobble-gobbles,
And his feet go wobble-wobble.
Gobble-gobble, gobble-gobble says the bird.
Turkey, Turkey
(To the tune of "Twinkle Little Star")
Turkey, turkey, look at you!
Please be careful what you do.
Thanksgiving Day is almost here.
We eat turkey every year.
Go and hide out in the woods,
 We'll eat pizza, as we should.

Mr. Turkey
(To the tune of "Frere Jacques")
Mr. Turkey, Mr. Turkey,
Run away! Run away!
If you are not careful,
You will be a mouthful,
Thanksgiving day, Thanksgiving day.