Tuesday, February 9, 2016

L is for Ladybug

Aren't these the cutest little ladybugs you have ever seen?! 

We made these during letter L week using a tutorial from One Little Project

After we made our ladybugs, we sang some ladybug songs:

See the Ladybug - sung to "Frere Jacques"
See the ladybug, see the ladybug.
Watch it crawl, watch it crawl.
See it crawling higher,
See it crawling higher.
Watch it crawl, up the wall.
See the ladybug, see the ladybug.
Watch it crawl, watch it crawl.
See it crawling lower,
See it crawling lower.
Way down low, to my toe.
~Jean Warren

I'm a Little Ladybug - sung to "I'm a Little Teapot"
I'm a little ladybug on the go,
Landing on an arm, now an elbow.
See me fly around and around your hand,
Now watch as on your thumb I land.
I'm a little ladybug searching for some toes,
But watch me quickly land on your nose.
Now I look around and head for your hair,
I muss it up a bit, then pat it down with care.
I'm a little ladybug looking for a knee,
I'm just so happy you're not bugged by me.
Now you see me heading for your chest,
This little ladybug needs some rest.
~Susan M. Paprocki of IL

Ladybugs Fly - sung to "Three Blind Mice"
Fly, fly, fly.
Ladybugs fly..
Fly over here.
Fly over there.
They fly up high and they fly down low.
Around and around and around they go.
They fly fast, and they fly-fly slow.
Oh, ladybugs fly.
~Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare

Friday, February 5, 2016

H is for . . .

. . . H's who love to hide.

I hid some capital and lower case letters around the room. The kids found them and sorted them between upper case and lower case. 

. . . hats

. . . hiding. We played hide and go seek together all over the house. It is always a favorite day of mine and the kids. Plus it's a great excuse to make sure my kids all clean out their closets. :)

. . . The Hat by Jan Bret

We did a sequencing activity after reading the book. We used a free printable found at Primary Press

G is for Giraffe

I got the idea from this website. http://missmarensmonkeys.blogspot.com/

Thursday, January 28, 2016

G is for Graph

 We counted the letters of each child's name and graphed how many letters there were. It was a great way to work on a couple of skills simultaneously.  I printed each child's name in a different color to help the younger kids identify which name we were looking at so we could count the letters together.

A Visit to the Fire House

We had a lot of fun a couple of months ago on a field trip to the fire house. We started in their educational room. They taught the kids some fire safety rules and then practiced a few situations where they might encounter fire. 

Stop drop and roll

Crawling if there is smoke in the room.

Checking out what a fireman might look like if they need to rescue you. 

Finding ways to get out of a room if the door feels hot.

Then we went upstairs to tour the fire house and see the trucks. 

Here's a picture of me and my cuties!