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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

D is for . . .

 . . . dumping things that start with the letter D. Read more about this activity below. (Do you like Brandon's homemade Halloween decorations? There is Frankenstein, a ghost and he wrote "beware." So adorable!)

. . . drawing. Squiggle pages are the best!! If you want more information, click here.

 . . . dotted diamonds. We used Bingo markers to make dots on diamonds after we read the book: Lots of Dots.

Here's what we did for our letter D dump station.

I hung a bucket with the letter Dd written on it. To hang it I just put a small nail right above the door frame. You can't see it from the ground so it isn't noticeable after we were done.

Below the bucket I had a box with various items. Some started with the letter D (dolphin, diamond, dice, dinosaur, dragon, Dora, duck, etc.) and some didn't.

The kids sorted out the things that started with the letter D and put it in the bucket. After they found all the items, it was time to DUMP! Then they did it again.

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