Saturday, January 8, 2011

H is for. . .

. . . Helping Hands
We read the book Hands Are Not for Hitting and talked about how we can use our hands to help others. Thanks to Miss Morgan for the book and activity idea!
Here's the link to the Hands are for helping page.

. . . Healthy Hands
I posted this lesson a while ago and we didn't actually get around to doing it, so we added it in to our letter H week.

. . . Hedgehog
We read the book The Hat and made the hedgehogs found here.

. . .Hiding
We found letter Hs hidden around the room then played hide and go seek to hide like the Hs.

. . . Letter H obstacle courses
HittingHula Hoop spinningHopscotch

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  1. So fun to be searching for a preschool craft for our church and see my maiden name!! Hello Chipman's!!!