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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Napping House

We read the Napping House this week for letter N. I think that it is one of my new favorite books. The story is fun and has a nice rhythm. Plus, the artwork is beautiful.

After we read the story, we did some Napping House math. We recalled who was napping in the house. (We didn't count the flea because it wasn't asleep.) For each thing that was sleeping, we glued the appropriate amount of feet in our house for that thing. i.e. two feet for the Granny, but 4 feet for the dog. After we remembered everyone in the story, we counted how many feet there were, how many paws there were, and how many there were all together.

Then each child got their own house to color and they glued on the appropriate feet and paws for all the people that sleep in their house. After they glued them all on, we counted how many feet and paws sleep at their house.

For a link to a free printable, check out our most recent post here. 

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