Friday, March 4, 2011

N is for . . .

. . .Nose!
We explored our sense of scent today. We smelled different foods: chocolate, bananas, lemons, cinnamon, and cheese (I used feta since it is so aromatic). Then each child took turns wearing the super sniffer noses to see if they could figure out what they were smelling without looking at it.

. . . Noodles!
When I taught 3rd grade, we made skeletons using different types of noodles. So between that project and this project that we did in September, I had lots of noodles in lots of shapes and lots of sizes and lots of colors for the kids to explore. They made noodle art work with them.


  1. Laura, I don't know what I would do without your wonderful blog. When it's my turn to teach Jonah and his friends in our small preschool, this is the first place I check because I always love your ideas. Your kids are so lucky to have you! Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks Gaylynn! Jonah is lucky to have such a great mom too!