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Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Family

For the month of February we talked about love and our families.

  • We did rainbow names with our last names. (This is a before and after example of what we did using my first name.)I gave each child an outline of their last name. The dots and arrows helped the kids know where to start the letter and which direction they should move their crayon first. They wrote their name inside the outline with one color of crayon. Then they repeated the process four more times to create a rainbow effect inside their name
  • We made books about each member of our family. The kids drew a picture of them and under their picture I wrote something that they like to do with that member of their family. Above each picture, we wrote that person's name.
  • We made thumbprint family portraits. We practiced writing the words My Family and each child made a family portrait using ink pads, their fingers, and a pen.

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