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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

M is for . . .

. . . maracas

. . . magnets

. . . marble mazes

. . . music

I have to say that I was super excited for our music lesson. We have started doing rhythm and basic notes during our carpet time. So it was fun to explore music a little more during this lesson. We listened to different genres of music and the kids danced to them. FYI country is not a big hit with this class. :) We watched a clip from Blues Clues the Big Musical with Ray Charles and the Tones as the voice of musical notes who teach Steve and Blue about high/low, tempo, and rhythm. While we watched the kids used their maracas to play along while they learned. We listened to some classical music and the kids drew pictures while they listened. We played on different instruments like the recorder, piano, drums, etc. It was a busy day, but a lot of fun!

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