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Friday, January 27, 2012

Ice Cream Math

Ice cream is an essential part of our letter I curriculum. One of these years, we are going to make it during class. Maybe next year. : ) We did some ice cream math during our centers time using this picture I made. 

The kids rolled a 10 sided die and then colored the number they rolled. You could also use cards numbered 0-9 and have them pick a card. If you wanted to step it up a notch, you could take out 0 & 1 and add the numbers 10, 11, & 12. Then you could have them roll two regular dice and add the numbers together. Pretty easy and the kids were very engaged. 

I also made our ice cream song helps a little more fun and easy to use. (If you are wondering, what ice cream song? See this post here for more details.) I added felt cones to each vanilla ice cream top and then sewed a criss-cross design on the cone in a contrasting brown. (Man, I need a new camera. The design shows up a lot better in person ; )

As a side note, I teach the music time for the kids at our church and I was thinking this might be fun to use there too. I would put a song on the back of each ice cream cone and let them choose the cone to see what song we are going to sing. Just a thought!

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