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Thursday, March 7, 2013

N is for Noodle Necklace


Noodle necklace - fun for all ages! Take some noodles, dye them fun colors and make a necklace!

Here's the Recipe we used to dye our noodles:

What You Need:
  • rubbing alcohol
  • noodles
  • ziplock bags (cheap bags will leak, I speak from experience)
  • food coloring
What You Do:
  1. Add noodles to bag.
  2. Add 1/8 c alcohol for every 1/2 c noodles.
  3. Add food coloring until you get the desired color.
  4. Shake bags a bunch.
  5. If needed, add more food coloring.
  6. Dry overnight, spread out on a paper towel

M is for Maraca

I found this fun idea on pinterest (where else right?). It has been a favorite around our house all week and it was so easy! I think I might need to make a class set for when I start doing classes again. These would also be great for singing time at church!

All you do is fill an Easter egg with something small and hard (beads, beans, rice, etc.). Then sandwich it with two plastic spoons and wrap in fun duct tape. Awesome!