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Sunday, August 29, 2010

B is for Binoculars

Look up, look down, there are colors all around!

We made some binoculars this week to celebrate the letter B and to go on a scavenger hunt for the colors we have been practicing in class. We used two toilet paper rolls with a cotton ball glued in between. (It gives space for the nose.) I painted one end of each roll to help it look a little more like real binoculars. Then we decorated strips of construction paper with foam shapes and markers; which we glued around the toilet paper rolls. Add some string and tadah!

I learned that the best way to attach the paper is to tape one end of the paper to a toilet paper roll. Then put liquid glue along the toilet paper rolls on the top, bottom, and side. wrap the paper around the rolls. To help the glue dry correctly, it helps to put something round and heavy (like a cup or small bottle of paint) between the two rolls on top of the paper.

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