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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pasta Rainbows

This was a two part lesson that was a lot of fun. I got the idea for the lesson and the recipe for dying pasta from a great preschool in Utah. She is amazing, feel free to check out her site for more details about how to do the project (click here).

Day One: We broke in our new aprons by dying pasta together. They came in very handy because one of the bags started to leak when we started to shake it. We reviewed colors, talked about following recipes, and which primary colors mixed together to make secondary colors. Then we danced our hearts out to The Freeze by Greg and Steve while we shook our bags and mixed the pasta. (We All Live Together-Vol. 2 is an amazingly fun CD to own!)

Day Two: We used templates under wax paper to make rainbows using the pasta we had previously dyed.

Here's the final product! The kids did so well and made such great artwork.

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