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Monday, March 28, 2011

Ribbon Dancing

Who would have guessed that a ribbon on a stick was so much fun? We did ribbon dancing this week for letter R week. It was so much fun that one of our parents jumped in and joined the play when she was dropping of her student.

We listened a lot to the rhythm and followed the slow and fast parts of the music in how we moved. The kids had a lot of fun and it was great watching them enjoy a new way to move. Making these are really easy, it only takes about 5 minutes and can keep the kids busy and happy for a long time.

Here's What You Need:
  • 12 inch dowels
  • 3 inch wide ribbon of any color
  • hot glue gun
  • fray check or a lighter
Here's What You Do:
  1. Cut the ribbons to about 3 feet in length.
  2. To stop the end of the ribbon from fraying, either put fray check on the end or turn on your lighter and hold it on. While the flame is on, quickly run the cut edge of the ribbon through the flame to melt the edge slightly.
  3. Put a line of glue on one end of the ribbon.
  4. Lay the dowel over the glue and start rolling it.
  5. Add another line of glue and roll the ribbon more until the glue stops squishing out.
Easy peasy!

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