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Friday, October 21, 2011

Frankenstein or Shrek?

We made the cutest toilet paper roll Frankenstein craft for Halloween and because we were talking about the color green this week. When I showed them to my husband he said, "You're making Shrek?" I guess they do look Shrek-ish and he is a green monster too, but these are Frankenstein in case you were wondering. 

I thought they were pretty cute. Before we started this craft, we read the cutest, funny monster story. I absolutely love it. I found it at my daughter's book fair and I laughed out loud while I was standing there reading it. The book is Even Monsters Need Haircuts by Matthew McElligot. It goes especially well with this project because you have to cut Frankenstein's hair at the end of the project.  

Here's What You Need:
  • toilet paper roll
  • green and black markers or paint
  • two golf tees
  • googly eyes (we used one big and one small)
  • glue dots
  • scissors

Here's What You Do:
  1. Color the bottom half of the roll green and the top black. If using paint, let dry completely.
  2. Add googly eyes with glue dots.
  3. Draw on a mouth and stitches if wanted. 
  4. Poke the golf tees through the sides where the neck would be. (I used a mini hole punch to get it started, you could also start the hole with a pen or knife.)
  5. Cut the top to make it look like hair.

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