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Saturday, November 19, 2011

O is for . . .

. . . orange! We followed the same pattern as we did here to study the color orange. We mixed paint, food coloring, playdough and colored plastic. Then we used our orange paint to make some o paintings. 

 . . . olives! We used olives to make letter O paintings with orange paint. It was fun because we talked about olives before we painted with them and I let the kids try them. Of course, we put them on our fingers. I was surprised because some of the kids said they didn't like them and that is the first time I have ever met a kid who doesn't like olives. Last year we used Cheerios and I can't decide which I like better. The olives make bigger, better o's but they get squished easily.

. . .opposites! This year we played memory with the matches from the opposite folders from last year. After we played memory, I made the folders with my younger kids. I think it really helped them grasp the concept better.
. . . octopus! 

To make them, snap 2 linguine noodles in half. Slide the hotdog onto the four noodles so that it's half way on the noodles before the noodles are cooked. Cook the noodles while still on the hot dog. Add a face and enjoy! 

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