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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

L is for Listen, E is for Ear

We used our ears this week for letter E. They listened to mystery sounds and tried to identify what the sound was. 

I choose 8 things from our class that make noise (bell, maraca, two different baby toys, stapler, baby food jar of water, cymbals, and a wooden clapper). I took a picture of each item and printed them out onto cards. Two kids sat behind a "cubicle" and secretly made a noise using one of the items. The kids on the other side tried to find the matching picture to the sound. 

To make the "cubicle, I taped together two file folders and stood them up as a divider. 

I actually used the "cubicle" for my daughter to do homework when she was having a hard time focusing. She loved having her own little office to work in and she decorated it with pictures on the inside.

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