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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

U is for Up!

 U week is one of my favorite weeks because we get to work on the concept of up! Funny enough, my daughter and I watched the movie Up! last week and I think maybe my subconscious was working on me or something because I had balloons on the brain.

We have been talking about gardens this month and between that and Easter, birds were a natural part of our discussion. We had already talked about baby birds and nests when we made our bobble head birds and nests a couple of weeks ago. So, we just continued that discussion with up! (You know because birds fly up and stuff.)

 Anyway, we made these helium filled balloon birds that actually do fly up in the sky. We did it slightly differently this year because I just made simple beaks instead of the crazy, but very cool looking ones we used last year.

Birdy friends saying goodbye at pick up.

Out the door with our new found friend.

 As always, the kids loved their balloon birds and it was fun to watch them pull them around the classroom having such a good time. If you want a full tutorial, you can check it out here. 

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