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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

C is for Crayon

 If your house is anything like ours, then you have a lot of crayons floating around. We have both a pencil box and a gallon size bag full of them! On top of that, quite a few of them are broken. This week we are going to do a few crayon related art activities to try to use up our huge supply. 

Here's a simple crayon monogram. We did C because we are Chipman's Corner, but you could also do your child's first initial. This might also be fun to do as a gift for a favorite teacher, just frame it without glass or in a shadow box. 

To make it, draw your letter on a piece of paper to use as a guide. We backed our paper with cardboard to give it extra support since we aren't going to frame it right now. 

Break the crayons to a size that fits your letter. Our letter was on a 12 X 12 paper so we broke our crayons in half. 
To attach the crayons you can use a hot glue gun or tacky glue. If you use tacky glue, put a book on top of the crayons while the glue dries to help it stick to the paper. 

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