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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Tree Math

Roll a dice and add that many pom poms to your tree. Use one dice or two or use a 10 sided die.

Let's talk about dice!
There are a lot of different kinds of dice you can use for math games. I mainly use the standard 6 sided dice with dots or a 10 sided die. Depending on what the activity is and what skill I want them to practice, I will use different types
  •  6 sided with dots are a great way to practice counting and one to one correspondence. (Learning that you count one time for each dot or object in front of you.)
  • 10 sided dice with the numbers are a great way to practice recognizing the numbers by sight. For example, I know that my daughter can count objects pretty well, but she has a hard time looking at a number 7 and knowing that means 7. So lately we have been using the 10 sided die more often to help her practice that. 
Either way, both are great math tools and are worth having around to practice numbers!  

Thank you to Kids Matter for the fun Christmas math idea!

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