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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ending the School Year Successfully!

 The start of the school year is a big deal and so is the end of the year! Our favorite tradition for end of the year fun is going through old papers and art projects. We have a filing cabinet where each school aged child has a folder. When they bring something home that they worked extra hard on or is extra cute, it goes in the folder. At the end of the year we look through the folder together. They pick 3 things to keep and I pick 3 things to keep. Then we put them in a binder with their last report card and their class picture, along with any special awards or certificates from the year. Each year we add a new binder divider and the new papers so it's all in one place. It's a fun and easy way to keep school mementos without taking up a lot of space. What are your favorite end of the year traditions?

Here is some great information to think about as your kids finish school from the people at Family Do Dots. 
For more information about the Family Do Dot system, feel free to visit their website at http://familydodots.com. They have created a "chore chart" to end all charts. It is an all in one system that they describe perfectly. Here is what they say: "Imagine taking your chore charts, behavior charts, goals charts, etc. and simplifying them into one easy-to-use Family System.  DoDots does all of this and more to teach responsibility, independence, and motivation to your children."

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