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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

L is for Listen

Here's a great kid favorite that is also a great learning tool to help explore the sense of hearing. 

Here's What You Do:
1. Choose 7-8 things that make noise. Some can be traditional noise makers like musical instruments, but also include some things that think outside the box. For example, a jar full of water or a stapler.  I have even saved a few baby toys to use for this center even though my babies aren't quite babies anymore. :( 

2. Take pictures of each thing individually. Print and cut out each picture. 

3. Put up a partition between two students. We like to use our "offices." They are two file folders taped together and stood up on end. 

4. Have one student make noise with one of the items and have the other student try to identify which picture is making the noise. Then have the kids trade places. 

It seems simple, but I have to say from experience that this is a favorite year after year.

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