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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Activities

For Easter this year, we painted Easter eggs (of the paper variety), we made some Easter bunny masks and played some bunny games. Mostly relay races with eggs. Unfortunately, it rained today so our games were brought inside. The kids had fun having permission to run in the house. : ) We tried to hold the eggs on spoons

and hopped like bunnies to deliver the eggs to a basket. 

Here's how we made our bunny mask, 
Cut a paper plate in half. 
Cut out a spot for the nose and eyes. 
Punch a hole on each side and tie yarn on each hole to be able tie it around the back of their head to stay on. 
Add a pink puff ball above the nose.
Add paper ears.

Here's how we made our painted eggs.

We spread some shaving cream into a shallow tray (a cookie sheet would also work for this).
Then we added a variety of paint colors
Using a skewer we marbled the paint by dragging it along the paint from top to bottom, then bottom to top. You could also try dragging it in swirl patterns, waves, whatever your imagination thinks would look pretty. 
Next we pressed a paper egg onto the swirled paint. We made sure to press down on all sides and parts of the egg so that paint got on every inch. Then pulled it out of the paint. 
We let the painted shaving cream sit on the eggs for a few minutes, then used a squeegee to scrap the excess off. 
After that you are left with a beautiful painted marble egg. 

Clear as mud? Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Happy Easter and spring break everybody!


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