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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Math Christmas Trees

Who knew that Christmas was a perfect time to work on math skills? Here are some fun projects we will be working on this month.

The first is math sequencing short to long. Cut patterned papers in varying lengths. Glue a star to the top and let the kids glue the strips from shortest to longest, centered under the star. End with a brown square for the trunk.

The second is practicing counting, number recognition, and one to one correspondence.

One to one correspondence is understanding that when we are counting things, we count one time for each object there is that we are counting. To work on this, I make sure that the kids are touching the things that they are counting, whether it is dots on a number card or objects. I also make sure they count out loud until I feel like they are more accurate with their counting skills. Sometimes kids will count faster than their finger touches things so that they count higher than the number of objects. Or on the opposite, they might touch things faster than they count. We spend a lot of time trying to make sure our finger and our voice are going at the same speed so that we count each thing one time.

This project works on identifying numbers on a dice and one to one correspondence because each circle gets one "ornament."

To play the game, have your kids roll a 10 sided die and add that many pom poms to their Christmas tree until their tree is full.

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