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Sunday, September 18, 2016

First Weeks of School

We started preschool in September and have had so much fun for the first few weeks of school. I am so, so excited for this school year. This year's class is pretty amazing and I think we are going to learn a lot while having a lot of fun. The first couple of weeks we have been learning about class rules, working together, helping each other and classroom manners. Then we moved on to learning about colors. The neat thing is that these kids have already gotten their basic colors down so we were able to learn about colors like grey and tan and turquoise. Here are some pics of what we have been up to. 

Image result for this little piggy book of mannersWe learned about having good "piggy" manners. We read the book,  This Little Piggy's Book of Manners and discussed what polite piggies do at school. The kids had fun practicing being polite piggies and then they had fun playing with the other animal noses. 

Image result for the crayon box that talked We had a day of working together. After reading The Crayon Box that Talked, we talked about working together and how we each are good at different things. We worked on doing a puzzle together and had some fun playing with the parachute together. We were learning about listening and working as a team as we made the balls bounce, sang songs, and made a tent with the parachute. 

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