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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cute and Easy Thanksgiving Snack

Check out this fun idea I found for Thanksgiving this year! I found the idea on That's What Che Said. These are great for class parties, after school snacks, or even a preThanksgiving dinner snack to tide the little ones over while they wait. 
Gobble, gobble!

Here's What You Need

  • clear food prep gloves
  • popcorn (we used bagged kettle corn)
  • rainbow fishies 
  • small googly eyes
  • construction paper
  • twist tie
Here's What You Do
  1. Fill the fingers with fishies and the rest with popcorn then twist tie the bottom.
  2. Add googly eyes on both sides
  3. Cut an elongated hexagon for the beak (see the picture above) and a red wattle.
  4. Fold the pointed parts into a beak and glue the wattle to the back.
  5. Glue the beak and wattle onto the thumb. 
Easy peasy!!

Have an amazing Thanksgiving weekend and enjoy your time with family and friends!

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