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Friday, September 22, 2017

Week 2: Color Wheels & Rhyming

During week two we really focused on colors. I am impressed with the kids, they did an awesome job. To explore colors, we made a color wheel with primary and secondary colors using play-dough. Each child started with a small amount of red, yellow, and blue. We put those colors on the wheel and then explored what would happen if we started mixing colors. The kids made predictions and then we tried it out to see if they were right. 

If you are interested in doing a play-dough color wheel yourself, feel free to use this free printable. 
Color wheel free printable 

In addition to colors, I introduced rhyming to the class. Rhyming is a great way to encourage word and sound awareness. We do a lot of rhyming during carpet time and singing time. Introducing this concept early in the year helps bring more awareness to the kids when we work on these concepts every day.
I found this amazing rhyming printable from Karen at Prekinders and was excited to use it with the kids. They cut out and matched rhyming pictures together as an introduction to rhyming.  

Rhyming match game from PreKinders

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