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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Simply Awesome Q-tip Skeleton

Skeletons are inspiring us this season and helping us get into the Halloween spirit. For letter B week we learned about our bones and what they do for our body. We learned that bones give us shape and protect us. Without them we would be a mushy puddle on the floor. 
Here's a simple skeleton we made using long and short q-tips. 
Here's What You Need:
5 long q-tips
8 half q-tips
black paper
paper cut out skull
liquid glue
Here's What You Do:
(for younger kids do steps 1 and 2 for them to help them get started)
1. Glue 1 long q-tip to the middle of your page
2. Glue the skull at the top of that q-tip
3. Use the short q-tips to glue ribs on each side of the back bone.
4. Add legs and arms.
Easy peasy lemon squezzy!

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