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Friday, August 24, 2012

Picking Apples

As we continued our talk about apples this week, we did a couple of fun apple related activities. We talked about apple trees, how apples grow, and how people pick the apples out of the trees. 

 Anya practiced her fine motor skills by "picking" apples off a tree with mini tongs. 
We used "appetizer tongs" but you could also use ice tongs or big tweezers. The apples are pom poms.


We picked apples with numbers on them from our apple "tree." I know that the apples aren't the right color, but I did it on purpose because we used them again for our 10 apples up on top activity. (click the link to see what we did.)  

* Safety note, except when I took the pictures, I made sure to be near her while she was up on the stool in case she fell.*
Anya and I drew a tree using Ikea's drawing paper roll, but you could use anything: cardboard, posterboard, etc. Then I cut out and labeled apples with a number 1 - 10 and Anya "picked" them in numerical order and put them in her basket. 

I stuck them up with sticky tack. If I weren't using the apples for another project, I would have done them on colored paper, laminated them and used velcro so that we could reuse the tree over and over.  

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