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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Captain Band-aid to the Rescue!

    We all know how much a scrap or injury can rock the world of our little preschoolers. It becomes something that they tell to friends and sometimes strangers because the world needs to know of the injustice they experienced. 
   Talking about their injuries can be an important part of their healing process, but it can also help with preparation for other injuries that might occur. This is especially true when preschoolers are getting ready for their kindergarten shots. Shots can cause trepidation for our little ones, but we can help them feel comforted.
    Of course, we all know that there is a magic solution to any injury. . . captain band-aid. The band-aid possesses powers of comfort that have baffled many a mother. Just the application of it can stop tears and make any child feel brave. 

    We made captain band-aid art and told stories of a time we got hurt for an activity during letter O week. 
It's an easy and fun project. Each child creates a person out of a band-aid on the paper and then shares a story of when they had to get a band-aid to help them when they were hurt.  Have fun!

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