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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Story Bracelet

Here is a fun and simple idea to help tell the Thanksgiving story at a young child's level and to practice colors too! Give your child the coordinated colored beads with the story and have them make a bracelet as you tell it.

Thanksgiving Story Bracelet

With this bracelet you will know
The first Thanksgiving that was long ago.
The Pilgrims set sail from far away
On the Mayflower with tall white sails.
They sailed many days across the ocean blue.
The seas were rough, but the ship came through.
At last they spotted land so green.
They were so happy they cheered and screamed.
The first year was so hard and black.
Many died and wished that they could go back.
But the Native Americans gave them a hand
And helped them survive in the strange new land.
They decided to celebrate in a special way
And that became the first Thanksgiving Day.
They prepared a feast with turkeys brown
And red cranberries that they had found.
Yellow corn that they had learned to grow
And orange pumpkin pies, don't you know!
But before they ate the turkey and dressing,
They all held hands for thankful blessings.

*This poem is not mine. It was given to us by a teacher. I take no credit for its creation. : )

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