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Saturday, April 16, 2016

W is for Wind

Hello world. So it's been a while because, if I'm keeping it real, I've been in a slump. Has that ever happened to you where the things that you used to enjoy seem not so enjoyable anymore? 

So, I'm trying to get myself out of it by just jumping back into things. Usually when I blog, I post things in order of when we have done them in class and I am super behind. So I made an executive decision - I'm going out of order. It goes against my nature that my husband might argue is slightly ocd, but it's what I feel like doing, so that is that.  

The great thing about teaching preschoolers is that so much of the world is exciting and new. This week we explored the concept of weather and wind. We read this awesome book:

Then we gathered around the table with a variety of objects in front of each student. The objects we used were a feather, penny, fuzz ball, straw, shell, rock, plastic spoon, and decorative pebble. We talked about what was in front of us and then made a guess whether the wind would blow each object or not. After we made a guess, I turned on my blow dryer to low and simulated a wind blowing. Then we would see if our guess was right. After, the kids sorted their items. 

 A simple, but fun science project for your littles!

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