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Friday, April 22, 2016

Y is for Yoga

As part of our letter Y activities, we had an awesome guest helper. Tessa's mom came and taught the kids a few yoga stretches and poses. The kids had fun exploring the way their body moves and trying new things. Thank you so much Kimi!!

I am in no way a yogi, I'm more of a soccer girl myself, but I love the movement and calming breaths that accompany yoga. I think we forget to breath deeply too often. I remember a friend giving me some advice about meditation and it suggested you have a mantra that you focus on as you are breathing deeply. Mine is "believe in miracles." There's a long backstory about postpartum depression and other such issues that accompany it, but it helps me focus and calm. My challenge for all you amazing people who work with your littles is to breath deeply today. Those sweet little ones will eventually grow up and this can be a fun time if we master the art of calm and breathing. (Don't worry, I'm giving this advice to myself as well.)

Check out some of the fun stuff we did in the video below. (Sorry the angle is a little weird, but you have to work with what you've got.)

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