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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

F is for . . .

. . . float. We found letters and created words using floating bottle caps. 
The kids would pick a letter or word from the laminated word stips. Then they would fish out the bottle caps with the correct letters on them. 
This is an engaging and easy activity to do any time. You just need plastic bottle caps (like from juice containers, milk gallons, or gatorade bottles), water, and a slotted spoon. I just used a sharpie to write the letters on the inside of the cap. Sometimes they start to fade and I just rewrite them when that happens. 
. . . fly. The kids practiced identifying letters with our fly swat game. I would call out a letter and they would swat it with the fly swatter. Want to play your own fly swat game? Download our alphabet of flies here.

. . . fall. We read the book, Let It Fall. After we used tissue paper to make our own fall trees. 

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