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Thursday, December 14, 2017

G is for Graph

We learned about how to make graphs during letter G week. I provided a paper with all the kid's names listed at the top and a bar graph below that. We counted the number of letters in each name and made a bar graph based on how many letters were in the name. 

Here are a few things I did to make this lesson go more smoothly:

1. When putting the names at the top of the page, I made each name a different color. Since most of my kids can't read, I could ask them to look for the blue name or red name, etc. and then we would count the letters together. 
2. I made a large graph that I displayed and filled in as the kids were filling in theirs so they could check if they were doing it right.
3. At the beginning we did the first 3 names together. The kids who were able to work more independently moved on and the kids who still needed help continued to do it with me. 


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