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Monday, February 27, 2012

Jungle Safari

At the beginning of this month, the kids went on a jungle safari to explore what kinds of animals live in the jungle. Each explorer was give a jungle safari guide book that had a different picture of a jungle animal on each page.
Then I introduced them to the "jungle." (A bunch of connected pop-up tubes. This would work great for letter T because T is for tunnel)
Along the inside of the tunnel, I put small animals that matched the pictures in their safari book. There was a hippo, leopard, zebra, elephant, crocodile, and monkey. The kids crawled through the "jungle" carefully watching out for, but not touching the animals in there. After they went through a few times, we talked about what animals they saw and then they colored the animals in their guide book. 

To see how to make a folded book out of a single piece of paper without using tape or staples, check out our post on folded paper books here.

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