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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

L is for . . .

 . . . listen. 
We listened to how different objects sound inside a plastic egg. We predicted whether it would make a loud or soft sound and then tested our prediction. We put the information we gathered onto a T chart. 

. . . lamb. 
Mary's lamb to be exact. We sang Mary Had a Little Lamb and then highlighted all the letter l's in the first two verses. 

. . . lovebug.
We made lovebugs to hold our Valentine's in. The original instructions can be found here. (This picture isn't the greatest, you really should check out the other post. : ) We also made the ladybug snacks mentioned in the same post.

. . . love. 
The kids matched heart halves for Valentine's Day. I laminated card stock hearts and then cut them in half using my silly scissors mentioned here. One side had upper and lowercase letters for them to match up. Then, they flipped it over and the back was blank. Then, they matched up the hearts based on the pattern of the cut that the scissors made.

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