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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bee Balancers

 Bees are such fascinating creatures. I think my favorite fact about bees is that they communicate by dancing. Has anyone out there seen the movie Finian's Rainbow? (No? You should, its quirky and a lot of fun.) Bees dancing to talk remind me of the girl from that movie. 
My next favorite fact is that the honey they make tastes different depending on which flowers they visited. 

During our study of bees, we made bee balancers. I am sure you are thinking, what? But here's what they look like.

Because of their shape and the weight of the pennies, they balance on the end of your finger without any extra help. It's kind of fun to "fly" them around.

Since we needed pennies for our project, we used our recipe for shinny pennies to make them look extra spiffy. (Scroll down to the end of that post for step by step instructions.)

Anyway, in my search for a great book about bees, I found a goldmine! We read a couple of bug books by Nancy Loewen that were perfect for the younger kids. The bee one we read was Busy Buzzers.

We also read her Garden Wigglers book, they were awesome. I think she is an author that I am going to have to read more of her books!

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